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This website was designed as a resource for finding information, viewing updates and happenings within the community.  

The Towne House at Lido Beach Condominium is truly one of a kind.  It is a beautiful oceanfront community with private access to a white sandy beach on the Atlantic Ocean.  Residents can also enjoy a well appointed clubhouse and a solar heated pool.  It is ​located on Lido Boulevard between the Town of Hempstead Beach at Sands, and Nassau County’s Nickerson Beach. 

The complex consists of 224 units in four bi-level courts.  The property was purchased by Mel-Lido Realty/Pac-Lido Realty, and  construction was completed in 1966.

Across Lido Boulevard, from 1960 to 1963 there was a Nike Ajax missile site as a part of  the anti-aircraft defense of New York City.  The control center and radar site is now a  storage yard for the Long Beach School District buses.  The 60 missile magazines and  launch units were moved further east, at what is now a nature preserve, west of the water tower.

In 1992 one of the residents, Flo Sanders, organized a group of owners to protect and  enlarge the dunes by planting beach grass.  Sadly, she passed away shortly thereafter,  and the community dedicated a stairway, bench and engraved stone in her honor.  Since  then, the dunes have increased by several feet. The stone was recently moved, and can now be  seen on the north side of the last ridge, near the pool.  We all can be thankful Flo had the  foresight to start building an initial defense for a storm surge.  During Hurricane Sandy in 2012, these dunes saved our property from massive destructive damage that occurred to other beachfront properties.  Although the property sustained damage to the roads, fences, clubhouse and pool, ocean or bay water did not penetrate one apartment.  We were so lucky and we have Flo Sander's foresight to thank for this.  

Many might not be aware of an interesting story from our beginnings.  In 1967 the Town of Hempstead realized that they missed out on the purchase of the property and began proceedings to claim the property. It took two years, but the owners and real estate company were successful in retaining the property and continued to sell the units.

750-112C Lido Blvd, Lido Beach, NY  11561

      Office Phone:   516-432-6782

      Office Fax:       516-432-5204

      Office Email:    twnhslido@optonline.net

Upcoming Meetings  (updated 09-16-2018)

Board Meeting - Open ​

Monday, September 17, 2018 - 7:30 PM in the Clubhouse​

2018 Board of Managers Election

Tuesday, September 25, 2018 - 7:30 PM in the Clubhouse​

Civic Association Meeting 

Monday September 24, 2018  - 7:30 PM in the Clubhouse

(We will be discussing the upcoming Trash to Treasures Sale on Saturday October 6, 2018. 

Please try to attend this important meeting of the Civic Association.)


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